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  • Chapter One

    Follow the Beat of Your Own Drum - deals with identity and the growth in identity development.

  • Chapter Two

    Prioritizing Mental Health during Transition - takes a look into strategies into helping students navigate mental health issues and get the help they need by offering solutions and ways to support students through this.

  • Chapter Three

    Understanding Majority Privilege - unpacks how privilege can play a huge part in students' lives and how those with privilege can help change and lessen power dynamics.

  • Chapter Four

    Don't Haze the Newcomers - Mentor Them - defines mentors/mentorship and how to use a mentor relationships to help mentees become more successful.

  • Chapter Five

    UNFROZEN (TM): Sexual Assault Prevention, Bystander Intervention Strategy, and the Power of Empathy - starts with an appropriate trigger warning and is not afraid to dive into the horrors that victims of sexual assault face. It details the UNFROZEN Bystander intervention strategy with real life examples on how the situation could have been diffused.

  • Chapter Six

    A Sunday Talk on Sex, Drugs, Drinking, and Dying - details how a father was able to speak to his son's fraternity about the dangers of sex, drugs, and drinking, and the devastating effects that these can have on people.

  • Chapter Seven

    Captivated by Purpose vs. Comparison: Social Media and How to Measure Self-Worth - provides readers with information on setting healthy boundaries and learning how to take care of yourself.

  • Chapter Eight

    Men, Masculinity, and Being Our Authentic Selves - takes a look at how the ideas of masculinity can be harmful and shows readers how to be more authentic by being more self-aware and self-accepting and by not conforming to societal norms.

  • Chapter Nine

    Healthy Relationships Take Work: Are You Willing to Do What It Takes? - provides excellent advice on how to be good to yourself and to others and how to build healthy relationships with those who matter to you.

  • Chapter Ten

    Confidence, Courage, and Mind-Set - provides steps for readers to grow these areas and provides insightful quotes along with personal experiences.

  • Chapter Eleven

    Have you Trained Your Replacement Yet - looks into effective strategies for chapter leaders to help build sustainable growth to be ready for the future.

  • Chapter Twelve

    Fraternity and Sorority Hazing: Exploring Precedent, Policy, and Practice - takes a nitty gritty look into how hazing in organizations has affected organizations, campuses, families, etc.

  • Chapter Thirteen

    Speaking your Truth: Taking Up Space, and Being Fully Present - helps leaders create change, build more inclusive environments, and create effective programming.

  • A Call to Action

    The book itself is a blueprint for leaders and with the tools provided in the book, leaders can take action to make their organizations better for the future.

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